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The Barn on Wild Rose Prairie

The 2300 sq.ft. covered facility includes large men's and women's bathrooms, 640 sq.ft. covered deck, 1000 sq.ft. reception hall, and a dressing room for the wedding party. The one acre lawn provides ample outdoor seating. Parking is available in the field between the main entrance and the barn. The 50 year old structure recently had a deck, french doors, windows, roof panels, and concrete installed; perfect for any event from weddings and receptions, to family reunions and corporate gatherings. Feel free to contact us for any questions you might have. 

​Inside the Barn
The inside of the barn has been preserved with the original 50-year-old wood. The concrete floor was recently poured and is also stained for a darker finish. French doors and windows line the East side of the barn and lead out to the front porch. The dressing room is well insulated and fully furnished with a mini fridge, air conditioning unit, space heater, small bar, and many electrical outlets.   
Decor and other Amenities

We have men's and women's commercial bathrooms inside the barn. The colored glassware and authentic milk cans we have on-site are a unique and charming option for table centerpieces and isle decor, respectively. We also have an outdoor bar area for you to store your beverages and food (hard alcohol may not be served.). Patio heaters are available for your use on the deck. A '42 Ford truck, '69 Camaro, and other farm decor can be made available as the perfect backdrop for photo opportunities. 

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